Asian-African Legal Consultative Organization (AALCO)

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Deputy Secretary-General’s Presentation at the 4th African Judicial Dialogue held at Kampala, Republic of Uganda, 30 October to 1 November 2019
4 November 2019
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The Fifty-Eighth Annual Session of AALCO held from 21-25 October 2019 in Dar es Salaam, United Republic of Tanzania
2 November 2019
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4th AALCO Working Group Meeting (WGM) on International Law in Cyberspace held in Hangzhou, China from 2 – 4 September, 2019
13 September 2019
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Secretary-General’s Presentation at the 7th Biennial Conference of the Asian Society of International Law (AsianSIL), at Quezon City, Philippines, 22 August 2019
12 September 2019
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Republic of Philippines has rejoined AALCO
23 August 2019
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