Asian-African Legal Consultative Organization (AALCO)

Ms. Wang Liyu, Deputy Secretary-General of AALCO delivered a Special Address at the International Anti-Corruption Day Conference on Combating Corruption in Law and Practice: Comparative Perspectives

The Deputy Secretary-General of AALCO, Ms. Wang Liyu delivered a Special Address at the Inaugural Session of the “International Anti-Corruption Day Conference on Combating Corruption in Law and Practice: Comparative Perspectives” organized jointly by the O.P. Jindal Global University and the Law Schools Global League held in Delhi on 9 December 2018. The inaugural session of the Seminar coincided with the 15th anniversary of the opening of signature of the United Nations Convention against Corruption.

The General theme for the conference focussed on a comparative approach towards anti-corruption measures including prevention, criminalisation and asset recovery. The inaugural session commenced with the Welcome Address presented by Prof. Dr. C. Raj Kumar, Founding Vice Chancellor, O.P. Jindal Global University followed by Introductory Remarks by Prof. Dr. Mohan Kumar, Vice Dean, Jindal School of International Affairs.

The Deputy Secretary-General of AALCO in her Special Address emphasized on the role of AALCO in the negotiation process of the Convention, its ratification and, implementation. The engagement between AALCO and the ad hoc committee on the negotiation of the Convention in the endeavour to harmonize positions between Member States was also recalled.

In her special address Ms. Wang highlighted that AALCO had placed importance on the topic placing the item on its agenda at a number of Annual Sessions, and making the voices of the Asian and African states heard during the negotiation, implementation and review phases of the Convention. The participants were also introduced to the Special Studies published by AALCO on the subject, titled ‘Combating Corruption: A Legal Analysis (2005)’ and ‘Rights and Obligation under the UN Convention against Corruption (2006)’. Taking the example of the People’s Republic of China, the participants were apprised of the various legislative and judicial measures that AALCO Member States have taken to combat corruption in furtherance of the objectives of the Convention. The Special Address was well received, and reflected upon the fact that out of 47 AALCO Member States 46 are State Parties to the Convention and have acted individually and collectively to combat corruption at all levels of government from the local to the global level.  

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