Asian-African Legal Consultative Organization (AALCO)

Ms. Wang Liyu, Deputy Secretary-General of AALCO delivered a presentation on ‘AALCO’s Contributions towards International Efforts to Address Corruption and Terrorism’ at the International Symposium on Global Governance over Corruption and Terrorism

The Deputy Secretary-General of AALCO, Ms. Wang Liyu, delivered a presentation at the International Symposium on Global Governance over Corruption and Terrorism: the 3rd G20 International Symposium on Fugitive Repatriation and Asset Recovery & the 8th International Forum of Contemporary Criminal Law organized jointly by the Research Center on International Cooperation regarding persons sought for corruption and Asset Recovery in G20 Member States, the College for Criminal Law Science and the Law School, Beijing Normal University, on 28-29 March 2019 in Beijing, China.
The Symposium comprised of a number of sessions relating to Corruption and Terrorism including but not limited to ‘‘Global Governance over Corruption’’, ‘‘International Cooperation on Persons Sought & Asset Recovery’’, “UNCAC and Criminal Legal System of China’’, ‘‘Global Governance over Terrorism’’, and “Legislative and Judicial Implementation over Terrorism Crimes.’’ The sessions were well attended by professors and scholars from various institutions and universities in China apart from receiving participation from across the world including scholars from Spain, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, the Netherlands, USA, Republic of Korea as well as officials from international organizations. 
                                                Group photo of the participants
                Panellists for the Session on “Global Governance over Corruption”
The Deputy Secretary-General of AALCO in her presentation provided a brief description of the purpose and functioning of AALCO and emphasized the role of AALCO in combatting corruption and terrorism by building international cooperation in the field. In her presentation Ms. Wang highlighted that AALCO had placed special importance on the topics, including them on its agenda at a number of Annual Sessions, and voicing the views and concerns of the Asian-African States. The participants were also introduced to the Special Studies published by AALCO titled “Combating Corruption: A Legal Analysis”, “Rights and Obligations under the UN Convention against Corruption” as well as the Draft AALCO Guiding Principles to Combat Violent Extremism and its Manifestations. The participants were also apprised of the various legislative and judicial measures that AALCO Member States have taken to combat corruption, terrorism and violent extremism.
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