Asian-African Legal Consultative Organization (AALCO)

Internship Policy of AALCO


The Asian-African Legal Consultative Organization (AALCO) regularly offers the opportunity for students and young professionals from the Member States of AALCO to undertake an internship at its Headquarters located in New Delhi, India.  

Purpose of the Internship Programme 

The internship programme at AALCO is designed to: 

·   Give students and young professionals the opportunity to assist AALCO experts in undertaking research and analysis on a wide variety of international legal issues that have a bearing on the legal interests of the Member States of AALCO;

·      Allow them to gain experience and to deepen their knowledge and understanding of the way international law affects the legal interests of the Member States of AALCO;

·        Help them develop their analytical skills.

Structure of the Programme

AALCO’s Internship Programme is a full-time programme. It normally begins in the first week of every month and hence, applicants are encouraged to begin their internship in the first week of the month concerned to the maximum extent possible.  Internships usually cover a period of one month. However, in special cases, the duration of internships may be extended.

Eligibility Criteria

The following criteria are used to determine eligibility for the Internship Programme:

·        Applicants should normally be engaged in a degree-granting or postgraduate programme of law at the time of application and also during the internship.  Students from other disciplines (such as political science, international relations, political economy etc.,) will also be considered in appropriate cases. Preference will be given to those students who are in the advanced stage of their graduation.    

·      Officials working  in various Ministries of the Member States of AALCO and having an interest in the field of international law /  relations are also entitled to apply;

·        Applicants should have an interest in international law, in particular on issues having a bearing on the international legal interest of the developing countries;

·        Applicants should have proficiency in English and computer skills; 

·        Applicants must be able to work independently and as part of a team; 

·        Applicants must be able to work in a multicultural environment. 

Application Procedure

Students (under/ and post-graduate), researchers, officials interested in interning with AALCO, needs to submit a formal written application to that effect specifying the reason for their interest in the internship programme. They are also required to send along with the application a proof of their identity (identity card/recommendation letter/note verbale as the case may be). The communication should be sent to the official e-mail of internship: [email protected].  Applications are accepted at any time during the year, but should be submitted at least three months prior to the preferred dates of internship. A résumé, with grade transcript or list of courses taken and, if available, a brief sample of research work in English should accompany the application form.  As for the applicants who are Officials of the Member States, submission of an official note from the relevant government authority or a note verbal of the embassy is sufficient.    

Selection Procedure

All the internships applications received by AALCO will be placed before the Internship Selection Committee of AALCO.[1]  The Committee would look into the qualifications, areas of interest, previous experiences of the applicants and any other criteria as it deems fit in order to evaluate the internship applications. Placement also depends on availability of supervision and office space during the period in question.  Please note that the individual criteria used for selecting an intern lies solely within the discretion of the Committee. Due to the large numbers of applications we receive, only the short-listed applicants will be informed of the decision through e-mail within a reasonable period of time.     

Office Hours

The interns are required to come on all the working days (from Monday to Friday, 9.30 AM to 4 PM) without fail, and any inability to attend the office needs to be communicated promptly. During the period of internship, they are required to be at Delhi.  

Conditions of Internship

·       Interns are not paid. The cost of travel and accommodation, as well as living expenses, are the responsibility of interns or their sponsoring institutions. 

·        Interns are responsible for obtaining the necessary visas and arranging their travel to and accommodation in New Delhi.

·    AALCO accepts no responsibility for costs arising from accidents and/illness or other incidents during an internship.

·      Interns must keep confidential any and all unpublished information obtained during the course of the internship and may not publish any reports or papers based on such information even after the completion of the internship, except with the explicit authorization of AALCO 


Specific intern responsibilities include, but are not limited to: 

·        Provide assistance in research and data collection;

·        Draft papers and briefing notes under the supervision of the Legal Officers;

·        Study and report on any of the topics of AALCO Work Programme;  

·        Provide assistance in the organization of events;

·        Perform administrative tasks such as updating calendar of meetings, drafting letters, filing, etc.;

·        Proof reading various documents; 


Upon successful completion of the internship, interns receive a certificate. The certificate will, inter alia, mention the period of internship, give examples of the allocated tasks and evaluate the intern's performance.

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