Asset Recovery Expert Forum


The topic “ASSET RECOVERY EXPERT FORUM” was included in the agenda of AALCO at its Sixty-first Annual Session held in Bali, Republic of Indonesia from 16 to 20 October 2023.  The topic was proposed by the Government of Republic of Indonesia. Asset Recovery requires strong coordination and collaboration with domestic agencies and ministries in multiple jurisdictions with different legal systems and procedures, both related to special investigative techniques. The skills to “follow the money” beyond national borders and the ability to act quickly to avoid any dissipation of assets are also essential for asset recovery.

A concerted collective effort is essential and thus, the importance of establishing an Asset Recovery Expert Forum comprising of senior officials, academics, and/or other relevant stakeholders that have the experience and expertise in recovering stolen assets from foreign jurisdictions had been deliberated upon at the Bali Session.

Work on the Asset Recovery Expert Forum is currently in progress.