Human Rights in Islam



The item “Human Rights in Islam” was included in the agenda of the AALCO at the initiative of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia at its Forty-First Annual Session in Abuja (2002). The Saudi Government had proposed for its inclusion in the Fortieth Annual Session in New Delhi (2001), however, a formal proposal along with an Explanatory Note was submitted by the Government of Saudi Arabia prior to the Forty-First Annual Session. Accordingly, this item was included in the agenda of the Forty-First Annual Session. During the session a brief discussion on the item was held. The resolution adopted at the Session decided to include it on the agenda of the Forty-Second Annual Session of the Organization. The resolution also requested Member States “to forward to the Secretariat their views and observations on the topic, so as to facilitate the preparation of an in-depth study”. As a follow-up the Secretariat sent letters to the Member States on 10th December 2002, 14th January 2003 and 13th May 2003.

The proposal made by the Ministry for Justice, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to include the topic in the agenda of AALCO was as follows:

“Nowadays there is much talk about the issue of human rights regarding its safeguarding and violation. The issue is being raised from time to time, sometimes in a scientific and realistic manner and at times in a provocative and strange way. Apart from press and media, even many world leaders, establishments and organizations expressed their opinions about the issue, hence it was necessary to discuss at length this vital and important topic and explain the just and comprehensive system from the Islamic perspective which comes straight from the Creator of mankind, since he knows the best about what serves his interests and protects his rights.”