AALCO plays a crucial role in the development and codification of international law, particularly through its engagement with the International Law Commission (ILC). As the principal body for the progressive development of international law under the United Nations system, the ILC has a significant role in the codification and progressive development of international law with which the work of AALCO is intertwined, as the latter attempts to ensure that the perspectives of Asian-African states are duly considered.

Since its establishment in 1956, AALCO has consistently examined subjects under the purview of the ILC, as required by Article 1 (d) of the AALCO Statutes. This close cooperation between the two organizations has fostered a strong relationship and facilitated the exchange of ideas and information. AALCO's annual sessions provide an opportunity for its Member States to deliberate on ILC matters and subsequently submit their collective views to the Commission.

This cooperation is further highlighted by the customary practice of having ILC members attend the AALCO Annual Session to provide updates on the progress of work within the ILC. Simultaneously, the Secretary-General of AALCO addresses the ILC Session to present the common views emerging from the discussions on ILC topics at the Annual Session. This practice ensures that the ILC receives valuable input from the Asian-African states and that their interests are represented in the development of international law.

The AALCO Secretariat's report on the ILC, prepared for each Annual Session, presents a comprehensive account of the ILC's work on substantive topics discussed at the corresponding ILC session. It also summarizes the deliberations at the previous Annual Session of AALCO, the views expressed by AALCO Member States at the Sixth Committee of the UN General Assembly, and the comments and observations of the AALCO Secretariat, considering the perspectives of its Member States.

AALCO's work on ILC matters is instrumental in representing the interests of Asian-African states in the progressive development of international law. By fostering a close relationship with the ILC and ensuring active participation in relevant UN bodies, AALCO continues to fulfill its mandate and contribute to the evolution of international law that reflects the diverse perspectives of its Member States.